Important to-do items after a sale

Important to-do items after a sale

Buying your first home is a once in a lifetime feeling, just ask any new home owner. Once the papers are signed and you hold the keys in your hand, I am sure you would agree that there is no better feeling! Now that you have taken this amazing step in your life, there are some things you need to do post purchase, and in this article we are going to outline them one by one.

Replace and potentially rekey all locks

This one is one of the more crucial items in this list. Make sure you rekey or replace all exterior locks on the house. This includes the front door, back door, exterior door to the garage, shed, etc. Once doing this you will feel much safer in your new home, and you will satisfy any obligations in your home insurance policy.



Change alarm code

Taking steps to secure and protect your new home is very important, as there may have been quite a few people coming in and out of the house during the selling process. If your new home has a security system, it is also important to change the security codes.

When choosing your new code, make sure it is easy enough for you and any other residences to remember… but not too easy. You don’t want some intruder to easily guess and break into your home. Make sure that your realtor has the current code written down, as the security company will likely ask for this when changing the code.

Store all documents

There are quite a few documents that you will sign throughout the process of buying a home. Make sure you receive a copy of all of these documents. It is also recommended that you have multiple copies of each set of documents, so that you can store them away from your home as well. Further to the storage of these documents, it is also recommended that you invest in a fireproof storage box. If your home suddenly catches fire, all of your documentation will be safe. This includes the mortgage terms, deed, and home insurance documents.


Hot water tank temperature

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the temperature of the shower and bathtub. Inspect the hot water tank to ensure it is set to your preferred temperature. You can likely change it on your own, but if you’re unsure of what to do, you can hire a professional plumber to help.


Address change notifications

Now that you have purchased and moved into your dream home, you will want to make sure the necessary people and companies are aware of your address change. Make sure to notify all friends and family members, and it is also important to notify your employer, banks, creditors, etc.

Before you notify anyone, make sure to make a list of all of the people and businesses you need to notify. The last thing you’re going to want to do during the move, is spending all day on the phone figuring this all out.

Clean from top to bottom

It is always recommend that you do a thorough clean of your new home before or once you have moved in, though it may be wise to do the cleaning before you move all of your belongings into the house. Some areas of the home carry more germs than others, so make sure you do an even heavier clean of the hot tub, pool, gym room, etc. It may also be a good idea to hire professional cleaners for these things, just to make sure they’re done perfectly.

Interior changes or renovations

Before you move into your new home, it is a good idea to walk through the entire house and make a list of what you would like changed. This list should include things like changing the color of the walls, changing the flooring, kitchen cabinets, adding an island to the kitchen, etc… It is much easier to get these renovations done before you move everything into your home and begin decorating.

In conclusion, though purchasing a home can be a very exciting time, it is also wise to be prepared and check every item on this list.