Area Orientation


Living in Edmonton, Alberta is an exhilarating experience.

You are as close as it gets to Canadian nature at it’s best all the while living in a cosmopolitan city with a population of over 1 million residents. Our city is a rarity, with clean air and water bodies, and access to all the first world necessities that make Canadians the envy of others around the world.

This continuous growth is why Edmonton real estate is always a good choice. Our beloved city is always improving and through it all we have been here to welcome new homeowners to the city and to show lifelong residents what life is like in other nearby Alberta communities. Edmonton is where we work and where we love to live and call forever home.

Residents of Edmonton are aware of all the great amenities, services and shops that fill our city and we are excited to introduce you to some of the local neighbourhoods that make up this amazing city we call home. We have also included a generalized breakdown of important information to consider before you choose an enclave to call home such as, school, transportation, recreation and of course everyone’s favourite topic – the weather!

Read more about Edmonton neighbourhoods to call home, and all the amenities that give our great city it’s pulse!

Schools/Child Care

It’s no surprise to the best Edmonton real estate agents that schools are at the top of the priority list for home buyers with young and growing families. Luckily Edmonton has a plethora of schools.


While we are perceived as cosmopolitan on the outside, the truth is, Edmontonians love to get outdoors and enjoy what nature has gifted our beautiful city with.


Tourism is a major part of Edmonton’s economy. Our city attracts hundreds of thousands of travellers for events, festivals and exploration annually.


From changing leaves to gently falling snow that quietly blankets the city overnight and long, long summer days make Edmonton is a beautiful sight to behold on any day of the week!