If it’s one thing that Edmontonians love – it’s our recreational pursuits. While we are perceived as cosmopolitan on the outside, the truth is, Edmontonians love to get outdoors and enjoy what nature has gifted our beautiful city with.

From skiing to golf and all the major sports you can shake a stick at, Edmonton is a very active city. Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t stop for us once the snow and cold hit either. We are cold weather warriors and we’re just as happy fishing on ice as we are fishing with a cold beverage on a hot summer day. Fortunately for us, we get all the seasons living in Edmonton and a little weather won’t stop us from enjoying our free time.


There are well over 60+ golf courses to choose from in the Edmonton and surrounding areas. That doesn’t include the amazing indoor facilities that have popped up in recent years to allow Edmontonians to keep improving that handicap over the winter months. We have a lot of golfers on our Edmonton real estate team and they would love to discuss buying and selling your next home with you over 9 or 18 holes! Ready to discuss your next move?


Edmonton might not be as curvaceous as other Canadian provinces but that won’t stop us from getting out on the slopes and enjoying a day of fresh snow. Whether you ski or snowboard or prefer tubing and cross country Edmonton has a few different places to get in on all that winter sport action for the whole family to enjoy! Are you ready to move to Edmonton?


Alberta doesn’t normally make the conversation when discussing vino in the same way that BC and Ontario do, but what many people don’t know about Alberta is that our soil and climate allow us to grow amazing quality fruit that makes for equally amazing wine. There are a handful of increasingly popular wineries in the Edmonton area such as Sherwood Park, and near Brosseau. The wine industry is slowly growing and the community is taking notice. Are you looking to set up shop in the Edmonton area for your burgeoning wine business? Talk to one our real estate agents today!


It’s a well kept local secret that there are plenty of beaches right within the city of Edmonton along the North Saskatchewan River. As the Edmonton Journal wrote earlier in 2018, “few people in Edmonton knew the city even has a beach season.” Well we knew, and during those hot days of summer a quick dip in the cool river waters is just what the doctor ordered. For more information on the beaches that line the river, read this article . If you want to live in a city with unique beaches and watersports please contact us for more information on real estate!


Lakes, river valley’s, forests, wetlands, and grasslands are part of the amazing ecological system that makes Edmonton such a bio-diverse area. Mostly all of these naturally diverse habitats can be found throughout the Edmonton area. While some the area is owned by the city and is under environmental protection, other areas are left untouched and are ready to be actively explored anytime of year. Do you want to relocate close to nature in Edmonton?


Not every Canadian city can boast that they have professional level teams from every sport right in their backyard, but Edmonton sure can! We have our beloved Edmonton Oilers NHL hockey team, the Eskimos Canadian Football League team, and as of 2018 we will also add our very first Canadian Professional League soccer team, FC Edmonton to the growing list. Professional sports are a great sign of a thriving city and culture! Do you want to move close to the action? Contact a real estate agent today!