About RE/MAX


A trusted brand since 1973

Buying or selling a home is likely the largest and most important transaction you’ll ever make. That’s why so many trust RE/MAX: the most widely recognized real estate brand in the world. For more than 20 years, RE/MAX has been the leading real estate organization in Canada. By providing the best training, administrative and marketing support, brokers and agents are free to focus on what they do best: sell real estate.

Whether you need help buying or selling your home, are looking to invest in commercial real estate, or are looking for unique investment opportunities, RE/MAX Select can help you make the right choice.


Who We Are

What began in Denver, Colorado, in 1973 as “a pad of paper and a dream” is now a global real estate franchise network that spreads across 100 countries and eight territories, on six continents.

Network Size

The revolutionary RE/MAX Concept of enabling real estate professionals to maximize their business potential has evolved into an organization of more than 100,000 Sales Associates in more than 6,300 offices worldwide.

The RE/MAX Balloon Logo

The red, white and blue RE/MAX Balloon, with its “Above the Crowd!” slogan, is one of the most recognizable business logos in the world. With over 100 RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons around the globe, RE/MAX has the world’s largest balloon fleet.

An Industry Leader

RE/MAX is the No. 1 real estate organization in Canada and in the United States.

43 Years “Above the Crowd!”

RE/MAX – now an established industry leader – celebrates its 43rd anniversary in 2016. Young in years, but mature in experience, RE/MAX Elite looks ahead to even greater development and success in its next forty years.

No other company can move you like RE/MAX Elite!

In a business environment of mergers and acquisitions, RE/MAX is the only major real estate network still owned and directed by its founders. RE/MAX commitment to its membership has led to an ever-increasing number of accolades from the business community at large, including selection of RE/MAX as the best in the business. In its annual ranking of top franchises, Entrepreneur magazine named RE/MAX the number one real estate services franchise in 2000. On the consumer front, Worth magazine honoured RE/MAX in both 1999 and 2000 with its prestigious “Readers’ Choice” award as the best real estate brokerage.

In 1999, RE/MAX Associates were involved in more than 1 million sales transaction sides within a single year in the United States alone – an industry milestone. The audited production figures represent the most transaction sides in a single year ever recorded by any real estate network. The RE/MAX network is now involved in over 2 million sales transactions per year.By offering Associates maximum commissions and maximum career freedom, RE/MAX influenced competitors to re-examine and adjust their own policies toward sales agents, thus dramatically changing the industry. As the network grew, renowned for its top producers and quality service to consumers, so did support programs, making RE/MAX a dynamic force in real estate education and technology. The organization was one of the first real estate companies to have its own proprietary television network and one of the first in the industry to develop a site on the World Wide Web.

The first RE/MAX region outside the United States and Canada was the Caribbean Basin, opened in 1991. It was followed two years later by RE/MAX of Mexico. In 1995, RE/MAX expanded into Southern Africa, Spain, Israel, Italy and Germany. Since then, RE/MAX regions have become established across Europe, in Asia and in Australia.


It all began as a dream and a plan on a pad of paper

  1. One Office, One Employee

    Top-producing real estate agent Dave Liniger starts RE/MAX, built on the maximum commission concept that lets agents keep more of what they earn. Dave interviews 28 people to find his first employee, Gail Main, who later becomes his wife. By the end of the first year, the Denver office has 21 Associates and Dave is $300,000 in debt because other investors have backed out. Dave refuses to.

  2. Going National

    Dave Liniger adopts franchising to expand the company. “RE/MAX of America” is created to support national expansion.

  3. Franchising and Black Ink

    Dennis Curtin of Kansas City, MC., purchases the first RE/MAX franchise outside Colorado. RE/MAX Ends the year with positive cash flow.

  4. Building Momentum

    The core leadership group, which now includes Bob Fisher (’73) and Daryl “Jes” Jesperson (’75), builds the network to 164 Sales Associates. About 75% of the agents are women, a trend that goes against industry norms at the time. The first RE/MAX Convention, with 26 attendees, takes place in Las Vegas.

  5. Expanding Over Thousands of Miles

    The first regional master franchises are sold in the U.S., several of them in the Midwest. In Calgary, Don Fernie purchases the first Canadian franchise.

  6. Icon in the Sky

    The red-over-white-over-blue hot-air balloon becomes the official RE/MAX logo when it attracts TV cameras at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Today, with nearly 120 hot aur balloons, RE/MAX has the world’s largest hot-air balloon fleet – and one pf the world’s most-recognizable logos.

  7. About the Crowd!®

    The “Above the Crowd!®” slogan first appears in advertising, along with the RE/MAX balloon.

  8. Canada to the Rescue

    While the U.S. struggles through the worst recession since World War II, Frank Polzer and Walter Schneider open the first Canadian region – RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada. RE/MAX flourishes and quickly spreads acorss Canada.

  9. Quick Start

    Thirty Canadian franchises are sold in six months.

  10. Massive Conversion in California

    One of the 10 real estate companies in the U.S. converts its 600 agents to RE/MAX when owners Sid Syvertson and Steve Haselton buy California region. The total number of RE/MAX agents nears 4,000.

  11. Tragic Setback

    Gail Main is seriously injured in the crash of a small seaplane in Canada, just weeks before her planned marriage to Dave Liniger. The pilot is killed, but Frank Polzer and another friend survive. Although Gail sustains permanent injuries in the crash, her resolve inspires people for years to come. She and Dave are married the following June.

  12. Regional Milestone

    RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada becomes the first region to reach 1,000 Sales Associate.

  13. Referrals add to income, growth

    An emphasis on agent-to-agent referrals – supported by tools such as the phone-book-sized Referral Roster – boosts production and overall growth. RE/MAX adds nearly 3,000 agents and ends the year just shy of 10,000.

  14. 1,000 Offices Draw Attention

    RE/MAX is featured in Forbes, Fortune, and other national magazines in the U.S. The network ends an exceptionally dynamic year with more than 14,000 Associates in more than 1,000 offices.

  15. No. 1 in Canada

    Seven years after the founding of the RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada and RE/MAX of Western Canada regions, RE/MAX becomes No. 1 in the nation.

  16. Spreading the News

    Propelled by the “Good News on the Home Front” multimedia ad campaign, the network reaches the 20,000-agent milestone and nears the 1,500-office mark.

  17. Up in the Air

    A mass ascension of 50 RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons is filmed near Denver as part of a charity balloon festival that attracts more than 200 balloons from across North America.

  18. “Take a Step Above the Crowd®”

    The image of a RE/MAX Balloon in outer space anchors a full-page ad in USA Today, part of the “Take a Step Above the Crowd®” ad campaign.

  19. Experience Matters

    The “It’s the Experience” ad campaign promotes the idea that agents drawn to RE/MAX are typically experienced, skilled and productive. In a year that ends with nearly 30,000 Sales Associates, the RE/MAX of the Caribbean region opens its first office – in Grand Canyon.

  20. Helping the Kids

    RE/MAX becomes the exclusive real estate sponsor of Children’s Miracle Network, helping to fund the treatment of sick and injured children in North America.

  21. Fighting for Equality

    In a classic moment of showmanship at the RE/MAX Convention in Las Vegas, Dave Liniger enlists the help of boxing legend George Foreman to establish that no competitors are willing to take on RE/MAX in the real estate ring.

  22. Working Smarter

    The RE/MAX Satellite Network (RSN®) debuts Not. 1. It’s the first service of its kind in real estate. RE/MAX Europe opens its first region in Spain, and RE/MAX of Southern Africa launches.

  23. Listings Go Online

    RE/MAX on HomeWEB. the predecessor of remax.com, debuts, giving consumers online access to RE/MAX Listings.

  24. Continent By Continent

    RE/MAX Australia becomes country No. 16, as RE/MAX expands to its fourth continent.

  25. A Whole New Level of Production

    It isn’t announced until 1998 Convention, but RE/MAX Associates in North America enter a new stratosphere in 1997, becoming the first real estate sales force to close more than 1 million transaction sides in a year.

  26. Agents Lead the Way

    The award-winning “Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results.” TV ad campaign creates billions of impressions. Richard Mendenhall of Missouri, becomes the first RE/MAX Affiliate to serve as President of the National Association of Realtors. (A second, Dick Gaylord of California, would follow in 2008.)

  27. Fighting Breast Cancer

    The RE/MAX network joins forces with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, becoming a Breast Cancer Survivor Recognition Program co-sponsor for Race fore the Cure events acorss in U.S.

  28. Taking Flight

    The RE/MAX Balloon Celebration takes place in Dayton, Ohio, as part of a national “Centennial of Flight Celebration.”

  29. A Great Read

    Everybody Wins: The Story and Lessons Behind RE/MAX becomes a bestselling business book, and Argentina becomes the 40th country to welcome RE/MAX.

  30. Relief and Compassion

    Following the massive devastation of Hurricane Katrina in states near the Gulf of Mexico, the RE/MAX Relief Fund is established, with initial donations of $500,000 from RE/MAX International and $500,000 from Dave and Gail Liniger.

  31. First Online with Competitors’ Listings

    RE/MAX builds a national network of IDX websites tied into remax.com, and becomes the first real estate franchise to present all of its competitors’ listings in participating MLS, along with its own. The rollout includes LeadStreet.

  32. On Campus with RU

    RE/MAX University is established. RU offers classes through live classroom teaching, online streaming video and related support materials.

  33. Millions of Free Leads

    The remax.com site reaches the 5-million mark in leads provided to agents since the LeadStreet launch in 2006. RE/MAX, LLC becomes active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as social media approaches critical mass.

  34. Remedy for Distressed Properties

    With the U.S. housing market in its worst slump since the Great Depression, RE/MAX officers meet with government officials, housing agencies, key lenders and other real estate leaders to promote shorts sales. More than 10,000 RE/MAX Associates earn the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation.

  35. Top Real Estate Franchise

    For the second year in a row, RE/MAX ranks in front of all competitors in the Franchise Times Top 200 survey, based primarily on the worldwide sales volume. The streak us currently at four years; RE/MAX topped all real estate competitors again in the 2011 and 2012 rankings.

  36. Big News Times Two

    ABOVE, the network’s new flagship publication, debuts with a cover depicting the two trophies earned by RE/MAX Associates in a 2011 J.D. Power and Associates study.

  37. Many Bright Spots in a Trying Year

    Dave Liniger falls ill and remains in the hospital for nearly six months, where he battles and beats a life-threatening infection. After months in the hospital, Dave triumphantly returns to work in July, picking up right where he left off, advocating for real estate agents and consumers.

  38. A Ruby Celebration

    Entrepeneur magazine names RE/MAX thr No. 1 real estate franchise in its annual Franchise 500. RE/MAX turns 40 on Jan. 30, making the RE/MAX R4 Convention, Feb. 25-28 in Las Vegas, the biggest anniversary party yet.