Preparing your home for sale this winter

Preparing your home for sale this winter

We are well into 2019 now, and as many of you Edmontonians know, the winter is coming up fast. So what does this mean for the Edmonton real estate market and for the sale of your home? Statistics show that real estate sales do drop significantly in the winter, but they do not drop off completely. In fact, there are things you can do yourself to help sell your home during these cold, dreary months, and we are going to cover them in this article.

edmonton real estate,real estate in downtown edmonton,real estate in North East EdmontonSnow Removal

First impressions mean a lot, especially when it comes to real estate in Downtown Edmonton. The exterior of your home is everyone’s first impression when they pull up to your house, so you’ll want it looking its best, especially in the winter.

That being said, you also want people to be able to get into your home safely, so make sure all driveways and walkways are shoveled and de-iced. If someone slips on your driveway and hurts themselves, it is sure to dampen their spirits, and they’re not going to want to limp through your house in pain.

You will also want to make sure you remove all of the snow from the roof of your home, and from around the windows. The potential buyers viewing your home are going to want as clear, unobstructed view from both inside and outside of the windows.

edmonton real estate,real estate in downtown edmonton,real estate in North East EdmontonTurn on those lights

The winter season though beautiful, can also be very dark during the day and of course at night with the shorter hours of sunlight. Make sure to turn on all exterior lights so that the potential buyers can see the home clearly, and also see any potential snow and ice heading up to the front door.

For the interior of your home, make sure all lights are turned on, and open all curtains, drapes, and blinds. You want the potential buyer to be able to see the entire house easily, even closets and pantries. The brighter the inside of the home, the better for the viewer to see everything.

edmonton real estate,real estate in downtown edmonton,real estate in North East EdmontonKeep the house warm and inviting

Given that Edmonton is seeing record lows right now, keeping your home warm and cozy for viewers is even more important. When potential buyers are viewing houses in the cold of winter, they will definitely want to warm up a bit when viewing a home.

The warmer the inside of your home is, the longer the buyer will want to stay and look around some more. If they are still feeling cold and uncomfortable, they would likely rather be in their warm car, than stay in your ice box of a house. See keep them comfortable!

Some of the basics for keeping your home warm for people viewing your home is:

  1. Have the furnace on well before the scheduled viewing, to give the home time to warm up. That being said, if you have a noisy furnace it is best to turn it off when they arrive.
  2. Have the fireplace running during the visit. A nice roaring fireplace helps to keep the heat going, but it also provides a nice warm and cozy feel to the space, and can give a good impression to the viewers, as they can imagine themselves cozying up to the fireplace on a cold winters day.

edmonton real estate,real estate in downtown edmonton,real estate in North East EdmontonSetting the Mood

With the snow outside and a warm fire in the living room, the winter is one of the most beautiful and cozy times of the year. You can use this to your advantage when people are viewing your home. Have a fire going in any room that has a fireplace, candles lit, the windows open showing the gorgeous winter landscape, and even have coffee and treats laid out.

In conclusion, people may think it is impossible to sell your home during the winter, but as you have just read there are many things you can do to potentially make a sale. These are just a few tips, but for more information contact RE/MAX Select in Edmonton. With over 100 agents, they have the best experience when it comes to buying and selling real estate in North East Edmonton. So what are you waiting for?